Boat Lettering

Boat Lettering

Looking for boat belettering? Then you are exactly at the right place. We provide computer precise boot labels for your personal logos, signs, etc. Order your custom solution now!

Lettering example

We offer you

  • computer precise boat labels / advertisements / symbols and logos
  • selfsealing, seawater-, wind- and weather resistant films
  • high-gloss lacquer finish
  • resistant to UV-radiation and cleaning supplies
  • 18 different font types
  • 13 colours available
  • Hand in your own idea or choose from our huge collection of motifs
  • 5 years producer warranty

Boat Lettering according to your wishes

When ordering, please name the desired font with all details (such as comma, hyphens, etc.) and list the font type, the colour and the font height that we should use, as well as the maximum length of the lettering possible.

How we produce your lettering

We make sure that your boat inscription, advertisement artworks, symbols and logos will be perfectly sliced and computer handled. Your font will be passed directly from a computer onto a film plotter and then sliced exactly. Our films are of course self-adhesive and weather-, salt-, and seawater-proof. Furthermore, the surface is high gloss finished and appears as if it is varnished. The film holds a guarantee of at least 5 years given by the manufacturing company, which includes a guarantee that the film is resistant against UV-radiation and cleaners.

The individual letters of your font are sliced and printed onto a blank film on which they appear separate from each other with the correct spacing. The fitting of your boat name or slogan is now very easy. You can optionally draw a thin reference line and orient your film according to this line in order to make sure that everything is in the right place.

Before pasting your film onto the surface, make sure that this surface is absolutely clean and moistened. This will make it easier for you to position the font and to remove bubbles that might occur. Now simply position your film on the choosen surface, press it carefully against it and remove the blank protection film.

If the name appears too long with the given height it is possible to compress the font or simply use a smaller font height. In this case, we will inform you by phone in order to discuss possible alternatives. For producing logos, symbols or any other signs, we need a sketch or a pattern. This will be scanned, vectorized and plotted as well.

Available Fonts

Available Fonts

Possible colours

Possible colours

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