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Logo Gill
GILL marine has grown into a quality brand for technical sailing clothing since its foundation in 1975. GILL sailing jackets, sailing trousers and sailing gloves are popular with both water sports enthusiasts and sailing professionals alike: The England sailing team wore GILL sailing clothing as they cruised to victory in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Discover the GILL OS1, OS2 and OS3 clothing series as well as matching sailing shoes, polarised sports sunglasses and many other accessories for water sports enthusiasts.
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Logo Jobe
In 1974, a spell of particularly bad weather meant that professional water skier, Jeff Jobe, was forced to stay indoors and not go out on the water. However, he didn't succumb to boredom and, instead, with a cold beer in hand, he developed the first ideas for a water ski with his name on it. He wanted to create his own brand name and product. So, he started making his dreams become realitiy by developing the first Jobe ski, which he named "Honeycomb". And this ski was just the beginning ...
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Logo Seatec
SEATEC - choose quality at an affordable price. SVB's own brand, SEATEC, was established in 1998 in order to serve the needs of water sports enthusiasts and offer quality products at unbeatable prices.
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Logo Cobb
A brilliant invention! The COBB Grill was originally developed by an engineer and traces back to South Africa. What lead to its invention? The South African authorities asked the engineer to find a safe solution to preparing food. They wanted something with no naked flames, to reduce the risk of burning down the whole village. But this idea not only makes sense in Africa, it is also especially useful when grilling in confined spaces, such as on the boat, balcony or in the garden. Over the years, the principle has always remained the same, but the design has since been optimised.
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Logo Musto
Company founder Keith MUSTO first found fame when he won a medal in the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. He narrowly missed out on gold in the Flying Dutchman class and returned home with silver. As an entrepreneur, he specialises in performance-optimised sailwear, which is reflected in constant development and technical precision work.
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We carry a large selection of items for your sporting and recreational needs on the water and on land. Whether off exploring the next harbour with one of our folding bikes or foldable e-bikes or discovering secluded coves with our stand-up paddle boards or rubber dinghies. If that's not for you, try your hand at wakeboarding, go snorkelling or enjoy the tranquillity of fishing. Find all the equipment you need here! We also supply all the important safety equipment required, such as wakeboard helmets and vests and other useful accessories, such as fitness trackers to measure and document your performance, outdoor speakers to add music to your sporting activity and protective covers for mobile phones and tablets. Don't forget to order a wetsuit for cooler days and sun protection, such as a hat or cap and sunglasses!


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Horvatic G. on 04.01.2021

Ich bin mit der Liefergeschwindigkeit zufrieden! Ich bin nicht zufrieden, weil ich den ersten Einkauf nicht mit einer Kreditkarte bezahlen konnte, sondern zur Bank gehen musste, um mit einer Überweisung zu bezahlen.

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Cristian R. on 28.12.2020

As described. Thank you!

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Dave H. on 28.12.2020

Very quick delivery considering it was xmas week