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The company Maestrini srl was founded by Giulio Maestrini in 1964 in Quarona, Italy. They produce high-quality, standardized fitting pieces and accessories for assembly technology (fittings) made of bronze alloy, brass CR, brass MS58 or stainless steel. The high quality standard in production meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, Lloyd Register, and is also partly certified by the DVGW (German Association of Gas and Water).
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All TruDesign products are made from the latest high-impact polymer resins and are suitable for use above and below the waterline. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, the company is ISO 9001 certified and has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing plastic injection moulds.
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Paul Elvstrøm's sailing career began in 1948, when he became the first person to win a total of four Olympic gold medals at the age of just 20. In 1954, Elvstrøm founded the company Elvström Dinghy Sails. He started his own sail making business with a sewing machine in his parents' basement in the north of Copenhagen.
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VETUS is a developer, manufacturer and commercial enterprise for marine engines, generators and technical equipment on board of pleasure craft and small commercial vessels. The company was founded in 1964 by Dutchman, William Henry den Ouden.
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Jabsco manufactures products for recreational and marine use. These include pumps and filters, toilets, sanitary items, fresh water and sewage systems, as well as equipment. Jabsco also invented the flexible impeller pump over 60 years ago. Need a new toilet lid for your Jabsco on-board toilet or the check valve on your Jabsco on-board toilet is defective? Use our spare parts finder for the right replacement part for your Jabsco on-board toilet! Spare parts finder for Jabsco toilets
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In gas and water installation processes, the size of the pipe thread is commonly used. The parameters are given in inches. The diameter of the pipe is also used. Learn more about Valves & Fittings...
Valves & Fittings

Pipe thread in inches      Outer diameter in mm
1/8" 9.73 mm
1/4" 13.16 mm
3/8" 16.66 mm
1/2" 20.95 mm
5/8" 22.91 mm
3/4" 26.44 mm
7/8" 30.20 mm
1" 33.25 mm
1 1/8" 37.90 mm
1 1/4" 41.91 mm
1 3/8" 44.32 mm
1 1/2" 47.80 mm
1 3/4" 53.74 mm
2" 59.61 mm

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