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Torqeedo outboards are the best-selling electric boat engines in the world and offer a clean alternative to petrol outboards: they produce no exhaust gases and require no oil or petrol. So you can easily navigate through nature reserves. With their low energy consumption and light weight, Torqeedo boat motors have a good CO2 balance and are also pleasantly quiet. Go to video...

Torqeedo Outboards

- Electric outboards for fresh & salt water -

While petrol outboard engines have an efficiency of between 5 and 15%, the Torqeedo models reach values ​​of 44 to 56%. Other advantages over petrol are obvious: no environmental pollution from exhaust gases, oil or gasoline. The outboards are light, quiet and have a very low energy consumption during operation, all in all a clean alternative!

Why Torqeedo?

5 reasons to buy a Torqeedo outboard motor

1. Overall efficiency of Torqeedo

Overall efficiency is extremely important for electric motors. Torquedo has made this the focus of their product development and optimised it in the best possible way. To calculate overall efficiency, the propulsive power of the Torqeedo drive is divided by input power.

2. Torqeedo drive technology

All components of the Torqeedo drivetrain are consistently optimised and matched to each other. All losses that occur in the propeller, gearbox, motor, electronics and cables are reduced and interactions, for example between the motor and propeller, are taken into account.

3. Torqeedo battery technology

High-quality, lithium-based batteries are the technology of choice for Torqeedo motors. They ensure high energy density, long service life, and the highest quality and safety standards.

4. Getting your Torqeedo up and running

Torqeedo motors are shipped with all the necessary components for use, so all you have to do is take your Torqeedo onto the boat and start cruising straight away. Switching from conventional motors to e-motors is a breeze.

5. Torqeedo and protecting the environment

Torqeedo electric drive systems don't generate any exhaust fumes, or leave any oil or petrol behind. Even taking into account all production stages and energy supply, Torqeedo's CO2 balance is still better than that of conventional combustion engines. This is due to their low weight and energy consumption during use.

Who should buy a Torqeedo?

Torqeedo has the perfect motor for every user and every boat. Torqueedo electric motors are just as suitable for sailboats and motorboats as they are for inflatables & small boats. And Torquedo motors can also be used by professionals. We will be happy to advise you on which Torqeedo is best suited for to your needs. 

Are Torqeedo electric motors suitable for salt water?

Salt water is much more aggressive in terms of corrosion than fresh water. Not all electric outboard motors are therefore suitable for salt water. However, you can use our Torqeedo boat motors in both fresh and salt water without any problems.

Which Torqeedo should I buy?

Various Torqeedo motors are available on the market. In our online shop we have electric outboards in the Travel and Cruise series from Torqeedo. Which Torqeedo is suitable for your boat depends on your boat's hull features and its weight, but also on the environmental conditions. Range, speed & running time are also factors. 

Torqeedo Travel Electric Outboards

Depending on the model, the electric outboards of the Torqeedo Travel series have a power output of between 1 HP and 3 HP and weigh between 13 kg and 17 kg with battery; without battery, the smallest Torqeedo electric motor weighs only 9 kg. This outstanding efficiency makes it a real alternative to small petrol outboards. Torqeedo electric motors in the Travel series can do everything that a 3 HP outboard can do, but are lighter, cleaner, quieter and more user-friendly. All electric outboards from Torqeedo are available as long-shaft motors (75.5 cm) or short-shaft motors (62.5 cm). Torqeedo saltwater electric outboards have an integrated lithium battery. For a 1 HP electric motor, choose the Torqeedo Travel 503. This small electric motor is recommended for boats up to 750 kg. If you prefer a 3 HP electric motor for your boat, you can choose between the Travel 1003, 1003 C and 1103 C models, which are ideal for tenders, dinghies and daysailers up to 1.5 tons. All Torqeedo outboards feature continuously adjustable forward and reverse propulsion and have an integrated on-board computer that calculates the remaining range using GPS. Data can also be accessed via an app. Electric motors in the Travel series from Torqeedo can be charged using solar energy. With a foldable solar panel, the Torqeedo Travel electric outboards can be charged while on the move or at the jetty.

Torqeedo Cruise Outboards

Torqeedo Cruise electric motors come with even more powerful lithium batteries and achieve greater range together with an unmatched level of efficiency. Thanks to their robust housing made of seawater-resistant aluminum, Torqeedo Cruise outboards are also suitable for demanding sailing areas and are particularly reliable and durable. If you are looking for an electric outboard for your boat, Torqeedo's Cruise series is ideal for sailboats, but also for motorboats and commercial boats up to 10 tons in weight. An optimised propeller design provides more speed and the on-board computer display keeps important technical data always in view. We supply models in the Torqeedo Cruise series with a remote throttle or tiller control and with 2 kW or 4 kW.

5 HP Electric Outboards

The Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 is ideal as a 5 HP electric motor for your boat. The 5 HP electric motor has an input power of 2,000 W and a nominal voltage of 24 V and is ideal for dinghies and sailboats up to 3 tons and as an electric outboard motor for inflatable boats and small boats.

8 HP Electric Outboards

If you are looking for an electric outboard motor with 8 HP, you should consider the Torqeedo Cruise 4.0. The electric motor with 48V and 4kW input power is highly efficient and recommended for dinghies and sailing boats up to 4 tons. This powerful electric outboard is also ideal as an outboard for inflatable boats and small boats.

Torqeedo battery power - how far can I go with my e-outboard?

Battery performance and the number of kilometres that can be covered with a full battery are highly dependent on your boat type, environmental conditions and speed. However, a Torqeedo should be able to cover a distance of 100 km without any problems. Take a spare battery with you or solar collector and enjoy long trips without worrying about battery life.

Can I use a Torqeedo without a licence?

In Germany, a boat licence is not required for boats or boat engines up to 15 hp at sea and inshore waters. The driver of the boat only has to be at least 16 years old. The Rhine, federal state waters and Lake Constance are exempt from this regulation. Here, a limit of 5 hp applies for driving without a boat licence. 

Buy outboards from Torqeedo

If you are considering buying an outboard from Torqeedo, our Outboard Guide will help you to choose between petrol and electric outboards. Our customer service team is also available to answer your questions.

Delivery contents of Torqeedo outboard motors

SVB has four series of electric outboard motors manufactured by Torqeedo. Various products and accessories are included in the delivery contents, depending on the series and product. Torqeedo Travel Series motors are supplied with an integrated rechargeable battery (lithium high-performance battery) and charger. Accessories such as solar panels, replaceable batteries, chargers and cigarette lighter charging cables can also be purchased from the SVB shop.

CRUISE T models from Torqeedo are supplied with a battery cable bridge for lead batteries. Two additional lithium batteries (Power 26-104) or lead batteries (lead-gel or AGM) are required for operation. Lithium high-performance batteries in sets of 2 can be purchased as well as matching chargers.

CRUISE R models are supplied with the same contents as the CRUISE T models, but fewer batteries are required.

Electric outboards in the Torqeedo pod drive CRUISE series are supplied with 25 mm² battery connection cable (3 m) incl. fuse and main switch and battery cable bridge for lead batteries. A lithium or AGM/gel battery and a Power 26-104 lithium battery for the GPS on-board computer are also required for operation. You can buy lithium high-performance batteries in sets of 2 and the charger in the SVB shop. More information can be found in the respective product description.

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