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Sprenger - since 1872. In 1872, Hermann Sprenger founded a factory for riding and driving harnesses. Over the years, his successors continued by adding dog sporting products and boat fittings to their product range. Today Herm. Sprenger GmbH is an international family firm in its fourth generation with over 160 employees, led by Peter Sprenger. In January of 2010, Martin, Peter Sprenger's son joined the company to continue on with the family business, therefore securing the company's private management.
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After 75 years of hard work, Blue Wave is still a family business, carrying on the same traditions into its third generation. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of sailing accessories worldwide.Their product range includes items such as: rigging screws, bolts, wire ropes, terminals and eye plates.
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Lewmar has been developing innovative and reliable marine products since 1946, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free time on the water. With its extensive range of anchors and windlasses, hatches & portlights, winches and hardware, Lewmar offers complete solutions for small charter boats and mega yachts alike. Production takes place in their own production facilities in the UK, forming the basis for the high quality standard of all Lewmar products.
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Pfeiffer Marine has been producing seawater-resistant aluminum deck fittings for over 40 years. Their own development and flexible production allow them to produce for shipyards as well as serial and individual parts for retailers.
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Sailing is a passion, which is even more fun with the perfect sailing equipment on board. But which products and materials are indispensable on board of a sailing boat? SVB offers you the right sailing equipment and the optimal deck equipment at affordable prices! Learn more about Deck Hardware...
Deck Hardware

On-deck equipment for sailboats

- These products belong on every boats deck -

The rig

Also known as the mast with its standing and running rigging - is the heart of any sailing vessel and must be fully functional. Besides the sails, this catagory includes items such as shrouds/wire cables that hold the mast upright, furlers, blocks, eye plates, pulleys, as well as repair kits for the sail. The furlers are either attached to the mainsail, where they are intalled either on or in the mast, or they are attached to the foresail, where they are installed on the forestay or used as a forestay replacement. They reduce the overall surface area of the sail. In most cases, the sails must be cut according to the furlers in order to optimally reef.

The deck of the ship is virtually the roof of the boat, meaning that the upper works belong to it as well. In order to optimally sail a sailboat, the deck must be equipped with the following accessories, amongst other things:


Winches bear the tensile forces of the halyards and sheets. For halyards (the lines that pull the sail up on the mast), the winches are attached either directly to the mast or to the cockpit with deflected halyards.

Tracks, cars and traveller systems

Genoa cars serve to lead the jib sheet to the winch. One can adjust the fairleads position by moving the car on the track to alter the sail's shape (move the genoa lead to change the power of the foot and leech of the genoa).

Mooring lines/cleats

Cleats are mainly located at the bow and stern, where they securely fasten the ship while at port. A cleat in the middle of the ship, serves as a spring line cleat, which is a diagonal attachment of the vessel while docked that secures the ship against forward and backward movement caused by wind or waves.

Do you have any questions or need some help choosing the right equipment for your mast and deck? Please contact us and allow our professional team of experienced sailors, sailmakers and technicians to lend you a hand!

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