Our history

Dive into SVB's history and get to know everything about it from its foundation. During our 25 years in the business we have attained our goals thanks to our technical specialists and water sports fanatics that continually share their knowledge with the SVB customer base. And this is how it all began...

Hoist the sails!  1989 --

1989 - Leinen los!

In 1989, Thomas Stamann begins the business activities of SVB and thus, lays the foundation for today´s top destination for water sports products. Every single order is personally handled and hand packed.

-- 1994 From opti to dinghy

1994 - Vom Opti zur Jolle

After five years of hard work, the young company moved into their first self-owned building, with 400 m² of working and storage space and six permanent employees.

Adding the foresail!  1998 --

1998 - Jetzt auch mit Fock!

In addition to an extension of the SVB building by about 250 m², the first fully-colored SVB catalogue was released and SVB's own brand, SEATEC, has officially been created.

-- 2001 From dinghy to yacht

2001 - Von der Jolle zur Yacht

With the turn of the millennium, a new era begins for the SVB team and its captain.
In 2001, the SVB crew, which has 16 members at this point, moves into their newly built business complex in the Airport City of Bremen. The building contains more than 3000 m² of storage and working space. Now, more goods can be dispatched even faster to the customers.

Full force ahead!  2002 --

2002 - Volle Kraft voraus!

Construction and opening of the SVB shop with a 500 m² sales area. For the first time, the SVB catalogue exceeds the volume of 300 pages.

-- 2005 From yacht to cargo ship

2005 - Von der Yacht zum Frachter

As everybody knows, stagnation means regression. In order to prevent the company from moving backwards, while always staying one step ahead, Thomas implements a semi-automatic conveyor system with an additional 1800 m² of warehouse space in 2005. Within just six years, the crew of SVB has expanded from 16 to 42 employees. As a result, different areas of expertise can always be tended to by the right specialist.

Innovation on open seas  2008 --

2008 - Innovation auf hoher See

Thomas Stamann is and remains a "man of action". Anyone who has met him knows that a vision does not long remain just a vision in his mind. In 2008 he came up with another brilliant idea: Portmaps. Portmaps is a digital water sports community, used to help sailors. Presently, Portmaps has more than 12,000 active members and presents 2,563 registered ports.

-- 2011 Old cargo ship reawakens to new life

2011 - Frachter zu neuem Leben erweckt

Within a few years, the new building was bursting at the seams. SVB continues to grow. In 2009 the Stamann family decided to invest in an old 16,800 m² factory, which is located next to the previous complex. The factory was completely gutted and adapted to the needs of the water sports giant.
In 2011 the reconstruction of the old factory building is finished and the move into the newly created office spaces is accomplished. Now, SVB can offer you greater service options such as: milling work, custom-fitted pre-cuttings and many other additional services.

Wind- and waterproof  2012 --

2012 - Wind- und Wasserfest

The new, innovative watersports brands come into being. Designed by experienced sailors, these products brave the hard conditions on board and offer first-class design at the same time. All products are manufactured using the best materials and are designed with the use of modern technologies. The products are designed to be practical, functional, and equipped with well-thought out details.

-- 2013 Discover new shores

In May 2013, another cornerstone is reached. The new SVB online-shop is launched. The shop has been programmed internally and is individuelly tailored to the needs of SVB and its customers. Our Customers can now, sort products by brand, create a wish list and write and read reviews on products and our services. In addition, the status of an order can now be followed live, on your own account.

A quarter of a century with SVB  2014 --

2015 - Ein viertel Jahrhundert

For more than 25 years, SVB has been providing excellent service to its customers in the nautical and water sports sectors. For our 25th birthday, we are publishing weekly chili offers that will take your breath away. Don't miss the countdown for any of our special offers and please celebrate them with us!

-- 2015 100% French!

2015 - 100% Französisch

This year we can present our watersport bible in French to our customers for the first time! Boating enthusiasts can now read through detailed product descriptions of over 16,000 products on 528 pages. The French version of the catalog was designed 100% in our own facilities as well.